"The Neighborhood Architect"

  • Licensed Architect - Iowa, Illinois
  • National Certificate of Architecture Registration Boards
  • American Institute of Architects, Iowa Chapter 
  • Master of Architecture, Virginia Tech 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Iowa State 

I am a Licensed Architect with over 25 years of experience in commercial, institutional, and residential sectors. While I reside in Des Moines, Iowa, I still maintain a strong Chicago presence and am also available for projects in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

I design homes and light commercial projects that are inspiring, comfortable, economical, and flow well to enhance livability. I refer to myself as the "Neighborhood Architect" because I treasure old neighborhoods and believe in investing in these.

Two Design philosophies I work closely with are The Not So Big House and The Original Green. 

• Values Quality over Quantity
• Emphasizes Comfort, Beauty, and a high level of Detail
• Doesn't necessarily mean small. It means not as big as you thought you needed, but designed and built to perfectly suit the way you live.

THE ORIGINAL GREEN emphasizes sustainable buildings that are:
LOVABLE - If they can’t be loved, they will not last.
DURABLE - They must endure, in order to be sustainable.
FLEXIBLE - If they endure, they will need to be used for many uses over generations.
FRUGAL – because energy hogs can’t be sustained in a healthy way long into an uncertain future.

Building a new home is one of the biggest investments a family will ever make. Yet, despite spending a lot of money, a new home can still be flawed by way of planning, structure, and aesthetics. You deserve only the best! Going through a thorough design process with a licensed, seasoned design professional will ensure you get the house that best suits your needs and fits your site. Do it right with an Architect!


A Good House is Story Formed


“A Good Novel must have a good story line. It needs to be interesting, inspiring, concise and complete.”

My approach to design for houses and light commercial buildings is to start with a strong concept or storyline. In a good story there are no random chapters, paragraphs or sentences as the novel is holistic - everything relates back to the storyline.  Good Architecture is holistic too.  This means the floorplans, elevations, sections, and details all relate back to the storyline or concept. Like a good novel, the storyline is developed first and the rest follow suit.

The process of designing a house is like writing a novel.  Beginning with the storyline, the author will compose the various chapters of the novel.  Authors don’t simply start writing from beginning to end and publish a first draft. Instead, the chapters are refined as the beginning, middle and end are developed.  This is also true for the architectural design process. The elements  - plans, sections, elevations – are developed and refined always relating back to the storyline or concept. 

My designs are Story Formed.  By working with me, as your Architect, Your house will tell your unique, inspiring story.

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