Architect Site Visit with Realtor and Prospective Buyer


Are you considering purchasing a new home? The Architect will meet you and your Realtor at up to three properties. Like the Needs and Options Review offered, this will allow the buyer to:

  • Reduce risks
  • Eliminate Assumptions
  • Understand options & limitations


By working through this process with an Architect, the client will GAIN CLARITY for their project by:

  • Understanding the feasibility of meeting FUNCTIONAL NEEDS for the project
  • Comprehending various BUILDING CODE & ZONING ISSUES affecting the project
  • Understanding STRUCTURAL & CONSTRUCTION issues affecting the project
  • Getting Architect’s Professional Opinion on PLANNING VIABILITY for project


These are the steps that the Architect and Client participate in to complete this process

  • Architect completes Preliminary Zoning and Building Code Analysis for each property
  • SITE VISIT – Architect will meet realtor and buyer on site to review Zoning/Code Analysis and discuss options for project.

The costs for a Realtor/Buyer Site Visit are:

$149.00 for one property visit
$249.00 for two property visits
$349.00 for three property visits

Please contact theArchitect to inquire about availability.